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Appraisal Management Company

Consolidated Analytics

Expert appraiser talent, technology, and processes to streamline appraisals, accelerate turn-times, improve customer service, and delivery at every step!

Pro Teck

Pro Teck is a National provider of FHA and conventional appraisal services.


Fulfilling your valuation needs.


PropertyRate continues to build its legacy by improving and expanding its valued service through its easy to use and modern technology, which simplifies the whole appraisal process by handling the backend fulfillment and management of orders.

Core Valuation Management

Core Valuation is a full service, nationwide appraisal management firm (AMC). They utilize their extensive network of appraisers to deliver reports to banks, brokerages and mortgage firms quickly and efficiently.

Clear Capital

Clear Capital’s transparent process works to provide you visibility and certainty into an industry that has struggled with both in the past.

Class Valuations

Class Valuation is a top nationwide Appraisal Management Company (AMC), delivering outstanding quality and service to every client. The company is committed to combining the best people, products, processes, and technology available to help lenders make more homeownership dreams come true. Class has consistently been ranked highly in client service by several of the nation’s top ten mortgage lenders and has been recognized as a top place to work, along with receiving many other industry awards. Founded in 2009, Class Valuation is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. For more information, please visit www.classvaluation.com. Click here for instructions on how to order or create a new login.

Appraisal Nation

Appraisal Nation, they’re redefining speed and accuracy in the appraisal industry with a radical commitment to people and smart technology


Fastapp is a leading Nationwide Appraisal Management Company (AMC). We are known in our industry for fast, efficient appraisals with the best in class service. We strive to communicate at the highest level, so that the client feels connected at all times through the process. Fastapp prides themselves on speed and customer service. We strive to give the personalized service and individual attention that our clients deserve. Please give us a try and see what sets us apart from the rest of the AMC’s in the industry.

SoCal Direct

Specializing in all of California. Open 7 days a week.

American First

American First AMC engages industry leading analytics and valuation protocols to provide real property appraisal services and products that allow financial institutions to better manage their real estate exposure risks. 24/7 Online Order Tracking and Secure Payments

Lenders Choice Inc

Lenders Choice, Inc. (LCI), is a Residential Real Estate Appraisal Management Company providing valuation services targeted towards the mortgage lending industry. Since 2005, LCI has set itself apart from all other firms with its communications technology and software platform which allows for the fastest placement and completion of real estate appraisals. LCI staff is dedicated to delivery fast and reliable appraisals. We work to deliver outstanding quality and service to each and every client. We are committed to combining the best people, products, processes, and technology available to help our clients be successful. Our goal: to best serve our clients through continual innovation of the appraisal process.

HVCC Appraisal Ordering, Inc

The following is an abbreviated introduction to our nationwide HVCC compliant AMC services. Our software platform is the "Mercury" System which allows us over 40,000 appraisers nationwide. We have over 150 years of appraisal experience on our staff to handle any condition or question. We believe our customer service is unmatched by any AMC, and appraisal ordering will become more controlled and effortless. Our password/ID system just takes minutes to set up and anyone designated is ready to order appraisals nationwide.


Why Arivs? (Pronounced arrives) Founded in 2008, we are the industry’s first and only appraisal management company that combines the strengths and resources of a national presence with the expertise and personal touch of local management. Like your local bank, we believe that our clients get the best quality and service when they work with people who are part of the community. And like the branch around the corner, we believe that national coverage, consistent compliance resources, and uniform operations across our offices are critical to maximizing the QUALITY of appraisals delivered to clients. While other national appraisal management companies focus on profits, we are committed to being our clients’ best partners for the long-term, and we believe our unique, local office framework helps us achieve this.

First Look

First Look Appraisals is a nationwide AMC, focused on delivering excellent service to our clients with the proper blend of innovative technology and people. We recognize every loan truly matters and leverage our proprietary technology and team to ensure all orders are assigned and completed fast and efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best – originate loans.